Statline Design change

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  • Cool - I'm not planning to learn Latex, seems like a struggle to only learn for this purpise, but will continue in Excel and share the files to whoever want to use them.

    I also totally understand it's too late to make meaningfull changes just before the release. But dang will the release good for the game. Just came from our local store, where two adults were messing on theie smartphones to look up rules. 9th Age needs actual physical material .....! That will be awesome.
    Booooooaaaaaarsssss .... Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge !!!
  • Eru wrote:

    The LaTeX sources are already available for you if you want to play with it:
    Downloaded Texmaker and opened a file... :killed:

    skill, art, technique - and code, lots of code...

    EDIT: Actually, if I sit down for an hour or so, I'm pretty sure I can figure this out - it's just a compiler of text files. :)
    <3 Stepping down to focus on the latest addition to the family! Three kids means we now form a complete rank! <3

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  • I have read allmost all topics. And about layout question i dont understand why you link the 1 line structure question with special rules question. There is plenty of graphical layout solution to solve this kind of issues.

    If we want split, the most logical special rules presentation should split them on same structure than found in the brb.

    Anyway, about 1 line or 3 line.
    If i look only graphical question, as graphic designer i would say 3 line is a far better presentation. Even if there is some way to improve it. My cpu is dead so i cant show you. But there is actually to much line separation. Remove one, and maybe use a light grey background, could help the eyes to navigate into the structure easily.
    The @jimoor proposition seems also execellent for me. It use with intelluge'ce lost space, and keep a pretty logical organisation structure. I would remove 1 or 2 separation line and it would be perfect in my opinion.

    • Now if i forget my hat of graphical designer. I like the one line too. I find it more easy for the eyes to learn the order and found easily the right characteristic. Looking for a characteristic into 3 line is more confusing and the eyes never spot immediatly the right place. / graphic & web designer.
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  • When i say as graphical designer i mean, just how best it look without know the rules of the game. On first look seems pretty good. But my personnal experience is i get more difficulty to spot immediatly the number i am looking for with actual layout ;)
    So one line profil could be a solution, or just find how improve actual layout.

    But i really think the @'jimMoor' solution is really the good direction. A kind of compromise with advantage of multi line for multi profil, but reducing lost space and number of line to reduce visual confusion. / graphic & web designer.
    SE - VS - O&G - EoS / 9th age player.

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    Pellegrim wrote:

    @Kovlovsky (and others) does your like mean you prefer the latest setup? With the written option lines instead of the tables?
    I think I prefer the one with the tables. It's clearer for options and also more familliar. But as long as the stats are presented in a linear way, I'm fine. Lines of stats make comparing entries with each other much easier including between two army books. It's also easier to consult in a hurry like when gaming. I wish they would just take your own design.

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