[REQUEST] Describe (your) BH playstyle(s) in short

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  • [REQUEST] Describe (your) BH playstyle(s) in short

    Following the START-YOUR-ARMY-inspiration-guide thread in the beginners forum I would like to request if you could describe your army's actual playstyle(s) for use on the leaflets.

    The leaflets currently contain information from the ASAW results (Army direction surveys) but it was pointed out that this info might 1) not be understandable for newcomers, 2) not be an accurate depication of the current playstyle of the army and 3) not necessarily align with the design team's future vision for the army...

    Therefore it would be helpful to have players describe (or agree with others on) how they envision and play their army. Looking for descriptive, brief, not rules-mechanic-technical speak to answer the following questions;

    Eldan wrote:

    Offense: how does the army deal damage?
    Defense: How does the army survive damage?
    Mobility: How does the army move and get in position?
    Leadership: How brave is the army and under which circumstances?
    Support: How do the troops support each other?

    Vermin Swarm
    Offense: the vermin swarm focuses on devastating ranged weapons that crush the enemy before they reach their lines.
    Defense: a single rat is weak, but there are always more of them. They have strength in numbers.
    Mobility: the swarm prefers to stay together and as such, they have few flankers or outriders, but their troops move faster than usual.
    Leadership: the rats are afraid both away from their commander and each other, but brave in masses.
    Support: in the swarm, the lives of the weak are readily discarded. As such, they do not have spells that strengthen their troops, but use them as sacrifices to lure the enemy into the line of fire.

    Warriors of the Dark Gods
    Offense: the warriors of the dark gods seek personal glory in close combat. They eschew ranged weapons.
    Defence: the warriors are supernaturally tough and skilled, and their daemon-forged armour is the finest in the world.
    Mobility: the warriors are a slow, but unstoppable tide of steel that advances inexorably on their enemies.
    Leadership: teetering on the narrow edge between divine glory and oblivion, no warrior ever shows fear.
    Support: the chosen of the gods are each an army onto themselves and need no support

    Thanks for your contribution!

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  • I mostly play vs ogres, orcs, dark elves, vermins and vampyre cunts.
    Versus vamps its rather easy cause they have no shooting, so every playstyle has its merits.
    Vs everything else best (probably only competitive) style is to stand near the edge with druid, dark rain, forest, 3 cyclops, hawthorn curse and lots of arrows and try to outshoot enemy. If he comes to our corner we can quite easily move away and still shoot.

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  • Offense: all out melee! Beasts deliver huge amounts of brutally effective attacks.
    Defense: attack. No save, no special save, average resistance and numbers.
    Mobility: fast, special deployments, maneuverable: a BH army without several ambushers, scouts or vanguards is rare and any opponent should closely watch its flanks and back.
    Leadership: the beasts cannot be trusted without a character near them.
    Support: BH benefit greatly from their available support, through spells and totems.