Request: Teach T9A community how to paint better!

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    • Request: Teach T9A community how to paint better!

      Hi folks,

      So on this subforum I see tons of beautifuly painted miniatures. Now my own painting skills are fine, but not as good. I was wondering if anyone of you pro painters would like to put up a tutorial on how to paint like you folks here do.

      Hope we someone is up for the task and we can get it pinned in this forum.

      Cheers and thanks in advance!


      :O&G: :VC:
    • I'm no pro painter but I've picked up a few tricks here and there. First off, thin your paints. Most paints work fine out of the pot/squeeze bottle but you'll get better results if you thin them down and are patient. Lots of thin coats is always better than one thick coat. Second, buy a good set of brushes and take care of them. A good quality brush will hold more paint, keep a sharp tip longer and give you more control. Third, experiment. Try things that you haven't tried before, try to focus on certain parts that you need more work on. Say you want to get better at painting red. Try shading it with green and highlighting with a skin-tone mixed with the original color. Trying crazy things like that will take you to the next level.

      Some things will turn out to be massive failures, be ok with that. Talk to people in person about their well-painted minis. I've found most good painters are more than happy to help you improve. Organize a painting day where you can actually see the techniques people use. And search youtube for miniature painting tutorials. Even if it isn't 9th age specific, People can use the same techniques to paint space marine miniatures or goblins.
    • Best way to improve your painting is by using youtube.
      There is so many different videos, about so many different techniques on Youtube.
      It's basically just to type in; 'how to paint *insert model or technique here*', Google is another great helper.

      I'd recommend Vince Venturella's serie named Hobby cheating, it will basically teach you everything you need to know.
      Then practice, practice, practice.