WHFB Albion Concept Artwork by Matthew Klaas de Witte (Deviantart)

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    • WHFB Albion Concept Artwork by Matthew Klaas de Witte (Deviantart)

      Artist Matthew Klaas de Witte is currently starting on an exploratory project to map out new concept artwork for Human natives of Albion.

      de Witte wrote:

      Before I begin on the lore I wrote for Albion, I have to say that it is a tremendous amount of thinking going into two things I love. That is, the original Warhammer Fantasy universe, and La Tene culture. For this one I took a look at the few extant official artworks of the natives of Albion and noticed the presence of Great Eagles in the picture so I decided to make the next logical step I then formed a tribe around the eagles and their leader who is very obviously Boudicca following in the sometimes unoriginal naming footsteps of GW. Buddug is Welsh for Boudicca.

      Find out more in the description for each art piece on DA that will be linked-to here, and if you very much like the concept or have ideas to share, be welcome to also leave a comment below his Deviantart pieces.

      First out, Buddug of the Toulenii:

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    • Buddug and Andarta:

      Original Fan Content

      Buddug and her personal Great Eagle Andarta, golden of colour and exceptionally large. A gift of the sun god Toulenos. (Combination of Toutatis and Belenos)

      A sneak peek into another tribe!

      The Toulenii are an Order aligned Albionic tribe that occupy the oppidium of Toulenos' Roost high in the Beast Peaks of Albion. They are most associated with the Great Eagles their elite ride into battle and patrol the Beast Peaks for armies of the (now departed) Chaos demon Belakor marching South from the Citadel of Lead, of course when they are not fighting among the other tribes. Buddug is their chieftain and rides upon the greatest of Great Eagles the Golden One: Andarta. But is sure not to stray West into the homeland of the Giants of Albion. She wields a spear steeped in magic, and fires magical arrows which are willed to their target.

      The fort in the background is based on a Broch.

      Andarta's breastplate is adorned with trophy skulls and the weapons of enemies!

    • Vaiorix of the Boreni:

      Vaiorix is chief of the Boreni. It utilizes its location nearby the main herding grounds of great hogs to use them as mounts. These animals have potential to grow greater in size than the ones of the Old World and Vaiorix rides one from a bloodline cultivated by the chieftains of old to be the largest and most spirited of all great hogs. He and his tribe take the mantle of protecting the Great Ogham, The most important and largest stone circle in Albion, it channels much of the power that is used by Truthsayers. Knowledge and wisdom old and new is recorded upon its many stone edifices by the Truthsayers. He is immensely proud to a fault, he does not allow for anyone of other tribes to trespass without the blessings of the native Thruthsayers.

      He wields javelins imbued with the power of Light blessed by his lover; an excommunicated Truthsayer. and a magical reflective shield akin to the ones used by the elite Woad Bearer units. Said shields can reflect spells back at the offending mage. The one he uses was made in the Forge of the Old Ones, made of Old Ones forged Archbronze which is denoted by its undulating rivulets that shift as it moves.

      I looked to the map of Albion as inspiration for the peoples I made, using the "Great Hogs" mark and location to make a tribe and chieftain. Their location next to the marker to "Great Ogham" seemed apt to make thm protectors of this place because it seemed to be one of enough importance to write on the map. But as per usual, it is a lot of inventing on my part.

      Questions answered:
      Yes this is an expansion on 8th edition.
      I made the natives of Albion able to craft weapons and armour that could make them able to fight on the level of the other races.