Polar Dwarves of Remotest Silexia

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    • Polar Dwarves of Remotest Silexia

      Ladies and gentlemen, do you agree that we gotta have Inuit Dwarves for the Ninth Age?

      Thickly built Dwarves are well suited to survive in extreme environments, not least by the craftiness of their hands and minds. Polar Dwarves are to be found in the inhospitable climate of remotest Silexia to the far north. They are great hunters and fabled traders of ivory who seldom encounter people from the outside world. This warrior is armoured in bone lamellar with laminar back "wings" for rear protection. Note snow goggles.

      Inspired by the Stiffbeard in Sergio Artigas' Lotr Dwarf masterwork. His description for the Middle-Earth Dwarrows, for inspirational reference:

      Sergio Artigas wrote:

      Stiffbeards: Renowned Craftsman, they make their homes in ice caves on the vast frozen lands up north, starting around the ice bay of Forochel and all the way down in between the mountains of Angmar and the grey mountains (Ered Mithrim). Very secretive and peaceful, they avoid taking part in any troubles from the outside world at any costs. Despite their secretive ways, they are also accomplished merchants, and regularly travel vast spans of the frozen lands to trade with many diverse cultures. The items they create from exotic materials such as Ivory and bones from sea monsters are very sought after, in particular their fabled toys. Stiffbeards are ultimately free spirits, lovers of music, stories and the tribe above everything else.

      I have no intention of turning this into a Homebrew army book, though anyone who wish to is of course welcome to do so.

      I'll have to be brief for the moment being. Please share your thoughts, ideas and criticism. There are a lot of fertile historical and mythological material to tap into for brainstorming about Eskimo Dwarves, and of course wacky fantasy potential in general for the Arctic region.

      Let's make this happen! :)

      A few reference images:

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    • This culture I have some knowledge of.
      This is a maritime civilization. Everything comes from the sea. Fishing and hunting seals, eating exclusively fish and meat, no agriculture, no fruit gathering. A charateristics is the scarce access to wood, which is for most floated wood arriving naturally on the shores, brought by ccurrents. The rest is traded wood. Wood is sporadic and not guaranteed. Wood is therefore a luxury good, treated as such, and reused as long as possible. Consequence is that iron is unknown, unless brought by trade, and is not worked there. All is done with ivory or stone instead.

      Fire is a luxury... unless the Dwarves have found some coal mines.
      This would change completely the setting, prohibiting to live in igloos, but allowing some ironing.
      A civilization with stone and iron but no wood. Hunting at sea and no agriculture.

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