YouTube Battle Reports - Adam Sinclair. WdG

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    • YouTube Battle Reports - Adam Sinclair. WdG

      Hi all,

      I'm doing an escalation "Tale of Four Gamers" series this year on my channel

      I'll be developing a Warriors of the Dark Gods army - pure Wrath. We're starting at 1000pts and then adding 500pts every three months. I hope this offers a different perspective on 9th age and will hopefully show people that you can enjoy the hobby at inexpensive levels of play.

      The other three armies you will be seeing regularly are:

      John Fletcher's "Strigoi themed Vampire Covenant"
      James Jenkinsons "Moussilon themed Kingdoms of Equittaine"
      Simon Cliffords "Orc & Goblin" army (we're a little unsure on theme at the moment - the orcs and the goblins keep arguing over who gets it... you know how it is!)

      There will undoubtedly be guest appearences from club mates and others on the local scene over the course of the year. As I run tournaments at the local gaming club (The Outpost), I intend on running/taking part in a tournament at the end of the year with all these armies present as a grand finale to the series!

      Anyway - I had my first game the other day and put the albeit brief battle report up.

      Anyone who watched my 8th edition BatReps should know what to expect - Yorkshire humour with a bit less foul language since my schoo students found my channel and decided to subscribe....Grrr!

      I will try and update this topic rather than continually spam the forum with a different topic for each battle

      001 - WdG vs Vampire Covenant (To4G 1000pts)