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About Me
About Me

I've collected Orcs & Goblins since 2000. Bought a pack of monsters in a bookstore in Dec 1999 because they were cool, then met Mr Gobbo a month later who really introduced me to the game.
In 2007 I decided to grow up, so I quit the hobby, sold my army, and got married. Then I thought I didn't have to be all that grown-up, and went right back to the game, and the Orcs & Goblins tugged at me again. They speak to me. And they say crazy things.
Recently I've acquired some smaller, unpainted armies of other factions. We'll see what happens with those.
I've moved a lot, but unfortunately I've rarely lived close enough to any other players to play regularly, and it might be a while before I get to try out the 9th Age rules. If you're in Boise, Idaho area, please don't hesitate to contact me. Somehow we'll arrange a game.
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Feb 24th 1985 (33)
Boise, Idaho
Stay-at-home Daddy