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About Me
About Me
Highborn Elf and Saurian Ancient player from the Midlands, UK. Also have a small force of Sylvan Elves that I keep telling myself I'll get to the table one day.

I've been into the hobby since I was a kid, though I was mostly into 40k then because Spehss Muhreens are cool. I took a pretty big break when I discovered girls and cheap cider, but returned about 5 or 6 years ago. I loved Warhammer 8th Edition and was was gutted when it went the way of the End Times.

Other tabletop games I'm into include The Hobbit and X-Wing. I also love a good board game and enjoy things like Imperial Assault, Spartacus and Twilight Imperium to name a few. Computer games were my biggest passion for a long time. The list of games I like would fill this page, but Mass Effect, KOTOR, Uncharted, Total War, BOTF, Star Wars Supremacy/Rebellion, Destiny, COD, FIFA, Heavy Rain, Until Dawn will give you an insight into what I like.
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Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
Microbiology technician
Gaming; of the board, tabletop and computer variety