Mundane Combat Weapons

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  • Weapons listed in this section are used in Close Combat and can confer various benefits and penalties. The rules for these weapons only apply to the attacks made with the weapon in question (i.e. they don't apply to special attacks such as Stomps). When a model has more than one Close Combat weapon, it must choose which one to use at the start of each combat, and must continue to use the same weapon for the duration of that combat. All the R&F models in a Unit must choose the same Combat Weapon. Unless noted otherwise, mounts never benefit from weapons.
    Hand Weapon
    All models are armed with a Hand Weapon each. Hand Weapons cannot be lost, destroyed or nullified by any means. If a model has any combat weapon other than a Hand Weapon, it cannot chose to use the Hand Weapon (unless specifically stated). Hand Weapons can be used alongside a Shield to get the Parry rule. Parry can only be used if on foot and against Close Combat Attacks from the front. The model has the Distracting Special Rule against these attacks.

    Requires Two Hands. +2 Strength. Close Combat Attacks allocated at a model with a Flail has a +1 bonus when rolling To Hit.

    Great Weapon
    Requires Two Hands. +2 Strength. Strikes at Initiative 0 .

    Requires Two Hands. +1 Strength.

    Additional Hand Weapon
    Requires Two Hands. +1 Attack and strikes with +1 Initiative. Mounted models cannot use Additional Hand Weapons.

    Grants +2 Strength in the Close Combat Phase directly after the Model has charged into combat.

    Light Lance
    Follows the same rules as a Lance, but only grants +1 Strength. Models on foot cannot use Lances nor Light Lances.

    Fight in Extra Ranks. Spears confer the Lethal Strike Special Rule against Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry and Chariots engaged to the front. Mounted models cannot use Spears.

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