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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

And on December 24th, Father Chaos brought us... A brand new army book for Daemon Legions!

Von Bugman,

Hello All,

I hope you have enjoyed the sneak previews that our ACS team has provided over the last couple of weeks. If you have missed them, be sure to check out this thread here.

After all this teasing, it is great to hear from you that there is strong desire to put your hands on the real thing.

And... Err... Very unfortunately, I have to admit that, as of today, we are not able to confirm a release date of our game T9A:Fantasy Battles, Second Edition in its BETA stage just yet. Sorry, folks.

And yes, we are aware of the many calls to "please just give us BETA now, no matter the state". The problem here is that you would immediately see the sections that need correctly polishing and we would incorrectly spend your time and our time in needless playtesting and discussions instead of working on making the changes.

Simply put, the documents we are working on at the moment have not yet reached the BETA stage.

But we know that it is not enough to tell you "later, whenever it is ready" as has been previously done.
So, instead, we are going to associate you a bit more with the project management leading to the delivery of the BETA. This announcement is written accordingly, to explain you what remains before we reach the release point, so that you can monitor our progress.

Be aware that several teams still have to complete their respective tasks which is the current reason for the wait. These actions are highly dependent on each other, as each task is a necessary step inside a comprehensive sequence before the BETA can be released.

To give a concrete example, whilst our layout team has most of the Warriors of Dark Gods army book ready to roll, some bits are awaiting final checks by balance who themselves are waiting on other teams and so on.

Given that if any of these tasks slips, the rest will slip, we know that we are very likely to report constant delays to an ever changing date which no ones wants.

This is why we are going to let you keep abreast of when each team closes out their respective remaining actions. This way, you will have the same information as T9A top management (with a little delay allowing us PR to publish it).

In no particular order, the following teams have all some outstanding work to complete before BETA version can be released.
These are:
  • Rules Team (RT):
  • Balance Team (BLT):
  • Layout GDocs:
  • Layout LaTex:
  • Layout Full:
  • Lectoring:
  • Rules Review Tean (RRT):
  • Background Team (BGT):
  • Art team (ART):
  • Tournament Support (TouS):
  • Design Team: COMPLETED!!!!
  • Play Testers (PT):

As you see, there is no possibility for us to release the BETA today. Please however do not be disheartened, we are not looking at multiple months of work, more weeks but as noted it’s hard to clamp a date to.

The teams above are already supported by other teams which have completed their tasks, and hence all hands are pumping to bring you this release. We have no spare manpower... unless some of you want to give a hand, too: see the News Help us with the T9A books layout design!. Please keep your eyes out for other positions that need filling too!

We will soon update you on how we expect our BETA phase to unfold and more importantly, how you can give us feedback. T9A will be looking for all your feedback, good and bad. As promised, if something is wrong or majorly unbalanced, it will get changed.

For those not wishing to participate in the BETA, our current 1.3.x rule set will continue to be available to download, as they remain the standing official rules.

Over the next few weeks, the ACS teams will continue with their sneak peaks, and soon the next "Behind the Scenes" article will describe in detail the magic phase for everyone to discuss!

Also, if I may... please be kind with the T9A staff. The task is daunting, everyone is getting pressed with urgent mountains of work, a regrettable word might slip here and there through a keyboard. It is part of the general tension, we try not to show, but don't push us more than we can withstand, it will be highly appreciated.

Keep your eyes peeled for more as it comes!

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