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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

And on December 24th, Father Chaos brought us... A brand new army book for Daemon Legions!

Von Bugman,

Hello All,

After countless hours of brainstorming, long nights of discussions, hundreds of hours of playtesting and almost uncountable number of interactions with the community, not forgetting hundreds of liters of coffee and other inspiring drinks absorbed, The 9th Age team has finally arrived at a moment where we can reveal fully The 9th Age Second Edition (BETA) to you all. It is about time, everyone was so anxious to get it before Christmas - and the team is so exhausted that everyone needs the Christmas break to take a breath.

The release

You have seen the schedule revealed in the News When will The Ninth Age Second Edition BETA be released?
"release schedule - no change"

  • Sunday 17th December: The Main Rule Book.

  • Monday 18th December: The Paths of Magic.

  • Tuesday 19th December
  • Wednesday 20th December
  • Thursday 21st December
  • Friday 22nd December
  • Saturday 23rd December
  • Sunday 24th December, our totally new version of WDG, as a full book!

As you can see, over the next week, we will be slowly releasing every day the magic books and army books that we have been disclosing sneak peaks about. There is so much new stuff that we couldn't even begin to start to think what would be the best bits to tell you here and now.

Beta, what is it?

One thing we wish to make it crystal clear, now, not the "2.0" part, but the "beta".

What does it really mean?
Beta means almost done, but that further testing is required which we are asking the community to carry out. While major changes to the previous 1.3 Edition have been made, after two years we know perfectly that our veteran Playtesting Team can do the major tests to help us setting up the main game. But, as you know, one test takes more than one hour, and there is no way the team can playtest all factions against each other, using all the different combinations with all the different playstyles we try to make available for each faction.

Testing would be easier when half of the units were no-go and factions had a single obvious powerful playstyle, but this is not the game we wish to provide you.

Your playtesting is paramount, having a community of well over several thousand players spending countless hours tweaking army lists before testing them in all the varieties of environments, can really bring us to the greatest ever "fine tuning" of Fantasy Battles.

This is why most of the incoming year will be used to test the new BRB, magic paths and ABs.

2018 beta period will see different focuses through the seasons:

- Winter: hot fixes. Big balance offenders and game breaking stuff only, appeared during the first weeks of public testing. Also, basic issues related to the WDG new AB will be properly addressed. This will leave the game in a state fit for the next trial, long enough to allow significant playtesting.

- Spring: After a couple of months, we will eventually make the structural changes discovered in all AB. Hopefully the BRB will need only few minor adjustments at this stage.

- Summer: the last balance tweaks will be addressed, as well as the last loopholes that have been discovered and the remaining typos with an FAQs after at least 6 months of public testing.

- Fall: well, there is no fourth season! If everything goes as planned, the Gold edition will be released before the end of that season.

As we progress through the week, we will be detailing how you can give us valid and useful feedback so that we can shape the future T9A.

You may wonder, are we really going to listen to public feedback? And how can you contribute?

Yes, we are going to listen, the whole point of this phase is to listen to you. In the coming days we'll be detailing the system that we are going to be using for the community to give us structured feedback. Currently in its final stages of fine tuning to receive the mass feedbacks we expect coming via your country UN teams (for those many who play in other languages than English), and the Army Community Support guys in our main forum.

Meanwhile, the current ruleset of 1.3 will remain official and available for all those who don't wish to join in the beta feedback and prefer to play with a stable system.

So, was there anything else to say? Just one quick thing, a thank you, to not only our community but also to the many individuals in our T9A team who have put so much into this.

In closing, possibly what will be the best present you may get this Christmas, The Ninth Age presents:

The Ninth Age Second Edition (BETA) Rulebook Here

We look forward to your General comments and questions here:…beta-is-release-feedback/

For those who are still reading, many thanks and stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting release - Magic!

T9A team
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