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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Bugman,

Hello there,

For news on the latest hotfix update keep reading to the bottom! Now for something different, army list building.

These days there is a multitude of ways to construct your army lists e.g. pen and paper, chisel and stone or even electronically on phones or tablets

Two of the most (in)famous apps have recently had huge updates:

1. First homebrew book - Nippon - is available in Battlescribe armybuilding software.

2. Non-staff user @Jocker created it and it’s current hosted in the repository, so all players can try it out

3. More about Nippon homebrew army can be read here:Nippon for T9A

4. A delicate mention that we, as a Project, cannot make every homebrew army live in this software, but if some volunteer like @Jocker wants to do it, then by all means please go ahead.

For hosting those homebrew armyfiles please contact @Arturius

5. If you don't even know what Battlescribe is, but you would like to try, please see this thread for official 9th Age Beta files:
Battlescribe files for T9A 2.0

Battlescribe is available on PC, Android and iOS

An old favourite of a game no longer with us, the recent update to Quartermaster is entirely T9A related and brings with it the ability to count units whose points occur in different catergories! This feature also works well with its cloud storage allowing you to see all your army lists across your different devices.

It’s has a collection of 1.3 files and they are looking for volunteers to help write their 2.0 data files.

You can find Quartermaster for iOS along with data files Here

Obviously the choice is yours, each offers the same principles but has various ways of doing it and creating rosters!

Hotfix News
As a heads up, this week we will see the next beta release for The Ninth age, keep your eyes peeled!

See you on the battlefield!

T9A Team
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