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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Calisson,

Hello all T9A Hobbyists!

You probably remember that there was a call made by StormRider Games, to get some nice pictures for their high-quality printing of the Gold editions?
(Hint: here was the announcement:…ure-2-0-golden-first-pri/ )

Well, many great pictures were presented - a big thank you to all who submitted.
Now is the time to make a choice between many excellent entries.
And here is the good news: YOU can cast your vote!
Just go on the company's site, and "like" what you like best.
This will help to determine which picture to select.

Here is the announcement from StormRider Games:
Display Spoiler

StormRider competition for Community army showcases continues! Our page has been updated with full gallery of all entries. Just check Army Showcase tab. As a teaser Casps army of Empire picture... visit our page to see more. And react, react, react to linked Facebook posts to help us select best army to be printed in the book...

Before I forget, let me clarify that this is an initiative from StormRider Games, which here at T9A we are very happy to see developed, but on which we have no control whatsoever.
Besides, we also received an interesting news from Grimforge, about a preorder of limited edition human noble warrior.
Here is their announcement. I am sure many playing KoE or EoS will be happy to have a look!
Display Spoiler

new preorder: the third piece of the project missing counts! started the preorder of 100 limited edition metal copies of the count!
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